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5 reasons why you must be at Texavi’s IMAGINEERING Conference

I am both happy and proud to announce the launch of Texavi’s IMAGINEERING conference. As part of the IMAGINEERING series of events, Team Texavi is hosting the IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conferences in India. The theme for this year’s event is Technology trends, challenges and opportunities in the times of Digital. Mobile. Agile. Social. The conference will have talks, panel discussions, special sessions, exercises, activities, fun and more. We have got a great lineup of eminent speakers on our elite panel, leaders who have been there, done that in the IT industry. This year, we are hosting the conference in Hyderabad on Friday, 23rd Aug,2013 and in Mumbai on Friday, 30th Aug 2013. In this blogpost, I will touch upon the motivation and bring into fore a few facts about the upcoming Texavi’s IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conference. Hope these will help in making a strong case and encourage you to be part of the event.

1. What is this conference all about

Texavi's IMAGINEERING - Main Theme

The IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 is a conference for the  IT community organised by the IT community. It focuses on the topics and issues  that matter for IT professionals. The theme of the conference this year is Technology trends, challenges and opportunities in the times of Digital. Mobile. Agile. Social. We are living in an ever-changing world full of digitised and increasingly portable solutions. As they say change is the only constant thing, now more than ever, we have a need to be prepared, respond and manage change in a more effective and efficient manner. And then there is no denying that going social (and using the popular social and professional networks) is not an option anymore, for businesses and individuals too. So, it can safely be argued that the IMAGINEERING conference dwells on the most important, current and pertinent topics and issues for the IT community.

2. Theme and focus areas

With environment-friendly, cost-effective and accessible solutions, the digital, mobile, agile and social solutions are having a significant impact on the way we live, work and relate to each other. They help shape up and make us better equipped to face the ever-changing world. However,alongside the opportunities and benefits, these also bring forth numerous challenges in the form of intrusion into privacy, potential risks to health, hazards to the future generations of humankind and the long term impact on the sustainability of our Planet Earth. There is no better time and place to pause and ponder about these, than at the IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conference.




3. Who is the IMAGINEERING conference for

Texavi’s IMAGINEERING  – INDIA, 2013 is a compelling platform targeted for all the experienced, young and aspiring IT professionals in India. From the core IT workforce i.e., developers, analysts, designers and testers to the managers of projects, products and processes, IMAGINEERING 2013 caters to the needs and goals of the Indian IT professionals. The conference has everything you needed and more…from speeches by leaders to panel discussions, from career camps to contests, from interactive exercises to fun games and from useful insights and snippets to great takeaways. With all these interesting and useful programmes, rest assured the IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conference packs quite a punch!

Texavi's IMAGINEERING - Who should attend


4. What makes IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 so compelling

There are a host of things that makes the IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conference unmissable for the IT professionals. Great line-up of speakers, fantastic panels formed of eminent and prominent IT professionals, current and topical themes are just a few reasons urging you to be there. Besides these, we have planned some really cool, interactive,  informational and entertaining programmes to keep the participants engaged and glued to their seats. Alongside the physical takeaways of swag bags filled with usable goodies, the participants will have great insights and ideas to take away, relish and cherish even long after the event. The conferences will be hosted at centrally located and accessible venues with state-of-the-art facilities. Also, the registration process is kept really simple and straight-forward so that you join us quickly and without any fuss. And last but not the least, the ticket price is kept very competitive so that we get as many people as possible. These are but a few good reasons for you to sign-up for the event, at the earliest.

5. A glimpse at the programme

I am giving below a peep into the package and coverage of the conference. Of course, this is neither full nor final but it’s enough to give you an idea of what the IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 will have. Needless to say, the event is packed with the right mix of programmes, topics and people to offer the participants an enriching and rewarding experience. These are all presented in interesting and engaging formats ranging from talks, panel discussions, exercises, games and fun activities. The whole event is focused on IT professionals and so obviously we have quite a few programmes on the careers such as job hunting support and career camps. I mention here a few topics that we have already identified that form the crux of the IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conference.

  • What’s the next BIG thing? Advantage IT! A peep into the future of technology and technologies of future!
  • Pervasive, persuasive and personal! How mobile devices and apps are shaping up our world!
  • It’s a connected, changing and shrinking world! Blending technology, people and business for success!
  • Past Perfect. Present Tense. Future­­ ??? Trends, challenges and opportunities in the IT industry
  • Designed in India. Made in the USA! Paradigm shifts impacting the IT industry and community
  • From Promise to Profit! Prioritising is key with the 3 PROs – Products, processes and projects!

Hope this post helps in setting the stage for the upcoming IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conference. Keep a watch on this blog for more interesting and insightful posts on the themes, topics and focus areas of the event. Until next post, ciao!







  1. Will Kinders

    It’s a really nice post offering compelling reasons to attend your conference. Good luck with your event and yes, do let me know when you are having this kind of event in London.


  2. Alison Cooper

    Thanks for sharing the info on Texavi’s IMAGINEERING conf. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for a similar event in London. Please let me know, love to attend one soon.

    ~ A

  3. Stuart James

    Very nice post, makes a good case for attending your conference. Just want to know if you have any plans to host this conference in other parts of the world? We have our teams in the US and UK, who are keen to be part. All the best for this event!

  4. Rosemary W.

    Ahaa, great points and I have some great takeaways in this post. Thank you so much and yes, keep writing in the good stuff

  5. Paul Lenton

    You made some good points there. I am particularly drawn to your definition of IMAGINEERING and how its relevant to today more than ever. Keep writing the good stuff…
    – PL

  6. Cheryl Andrews

    Hi, must say very impressed by your post…the developers in my company wish to be part of this conference. However, we realised that its for India now. Do you intend to organise this in London?

    – C Andrews

  7. Catherine Raphael

    Nice blog post – I am almost tempted to signup but unfortunately I am not around in India. Wondering if you are going to host this type of conference in the UK. Let me know and I will be super excited to join :)

    cheers, C

  8. Matt Browne

    I really like your thoughts on the current technology landscape like the issues, challenges and emerging trends. Am quite keen to understand how you and others would propose to address these in a sustainable, non-intrusive manner.

    Great blogpost, continue the good work!

  9. Eva Cartes

    I just want you to thank you for the fantastic views epxressed in the post. They are very current, relevant and useful in my current role. Keep sharing the nice views.


  10. Sherrill Smith

    Hi Pardha, you have done a fantastic job – nice views and very well presented. I’ll definitely share this and suggest to my friends and colleagues. I am sure they will be benefited from this blog. The images are very nice too…

    S. Smith

  11. Jane K.

    Thank you for informing us about the IMAGINEERING conference. It looks very interesting and here is wishing the best for success.
    Wondering if you have any plans to host similar conference in the UK, around London? I am really keen to participate.

    – Jane

  12. Jonathan Barrow

    Really nice way of highlighting and describing the trends and issues ahead of us, IT community. I quite like the word IMAGINEERING and how you brought forth the relevance of it. I will use some of the information for my presentation that I am giving at a seminar. Thank you!


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