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Method Not Implemented

How many times did you come across something on the web sites that absolutely baffles you, puzzles and leaves you with no clues and options, but to close the page and move on? Well, I have many such instances, where technology creeps in where and when its not supposed to and spins in a whole new meaning to the context. There is a big trouble when technology or the lack of it is exposed to those who are not supposed to view or deal with it. My suggestion is to keep the technology to where it belongs and show the value from it to users and not the other way round.

Keep technology to where it belongs

Take for instance, the following page I came across while browsing through the life and works of ‘Andy Warhol’, one of my all time favorites.  Watch the area on the right with the red circle – ‘Method Not Implemented’ and ‘Invalid method in request’. The funny part is this was written in such a way that its almost shouting to the reader “Look at me, I am the most important thing on this page”. For a starter, who looks at it and makes no sense of it, mistakes that Andy indeed would have said that. No wonder you would come across an article some day which attributes a quote “Method not implemented” to Andy Warhol!! :-)



A place for everything

And everything in its place. I am not undermining the importance of technology in the products that we use everyday. On the contrary, being a technologist myself, I support the application of technology in all aspects of our life and work to make them easy, comfortable and convenient.However, we all need to understand that application of technology for users’ benefit is different from exposing technology to non-specialists.

Mantra for a successful product

My simple mantra  for a successful product development is the following:

“Business and Users first,  Technology next and everything else last, in that order!”. Believe me, it works and following this mantra worked for me every time. Hope it works for you too!

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